MPT Präzisionsteile GmbH Mittweida started its orginal business activities more than 100 years ago. It is now a company combining tradition and experience with comprehensive technological equipment. These assets offer a considerable potential that is used as a basis of innovation for market success now and in future. MPT Präzisionsteile GmbH is a leader in the manufacture of roller bearing cages made out of brass, metal sheet, and phenolic, as well as of ball retainers as used in the most different products, from bicycles and cars up to machine tools.

The company has an efficient machine outfit which can meet almost all customers requirements. Whether it is the production of spun-type castings from brass, the punching of any type of moulded pieces, or the machining of non-ferrous metals, we will meet your challenge. Our technology and "on-line" know-how, that is an in-house engineering department and an integrated tool making department, are additional strong points for handling your most complex jobs. We are provided with the most advanced testing equipment leaving no doubt that precision, which is part of the name of our company, is for us an obligation and philosophy alike.


Based on continuous improvement of our products and processes we want to extend our position in the world-market.

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